We, humans, have been put through an unforeseen global crisis with very limited resources to prepare for. We, as employees, employers, organizations, governments, societies, families, mankind and beings are facing a pandemic with its affects unfolding every hour. All the mental, physical, financial and social security in our heads has been wiped away leaving us exposed and vulnerable.

As a Human Resources (HR) professional, I constantly witness the truth that “Resources” for an organization are its people. When talent is given utmost priority in times like these, organizations can hold a strong fort from all forms of attacks. Such situations are when HR teams play a pivotal role in managing planned workforce deployment and ensuring optimum productivity while not compromising on employee well being.

Human Resources play a vital role in organizational health
With downsizing, dried out funds, below normal organizational performances and broken confidence of employees, the HR department must stay focused and move forward from a reactive to a proactive approach consciously.

Very few organizations pay attention to the emotional side of their talent. There are increased reports of negative job satisfaction, broken work-life balance and lower confidence levels. Over 2 out of 5 employees are unhappy with the work-life balance experienced during the COVID-19 crisis. 6 out of 10 employees are also experiencing ‘Post Downsizing Stress’ syndrome, a psychological response to widespread layoffs and high levels of work pressure. The prominent symptom is to lose interest and trust in the work and their immediate teams. Many also feel threatened, burdened and subject to heavy work pressure.

Asian people who are stressed
Employees are under immense pressure during COVID-19

In such times, HR’s role should be to hold hands of organizational talent and guide them rather than merely lending a shoulder to cry on. Leveraging optimum talent, managing pain, building optimism and cultivating an organizational mindset should be top on the minds of HR professionals.

Even leadership must push towards focusing on ethics and sustainability, embracing technology and creating a cohesive culture to promote solidarity and a sense of belonging. This pandemic has taught us to stand together in this fight for survival and to show love towards ourselves and empathy towards everyone else.

Like Brad Pitt’s Roy McBride from the sci-fi flick, Ad Astra says, “We are all that we’ve got.