More and more businesses have begun to realise the need for conducting events and workshops for their employees. However, designing, marketing and executing such events requires considerable amount of time and energy. If your startup is sitting out of a coworking space, this is usually taken care of by the space’s community managers.

A month’s calendar comprises several events around culture, technology, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, craft, etc. This choice is again based on the philosophy of the space you are at. Some spaces tend to design their events more around arts and crafts and others purely around DIY, Technology and so on.

Such events and workshops strike the right balance of work and life and build an atmosphere of vibrancy, harmony and productivity for startups. Events could also be customised as per the requirements of a particular company too. And the best part is any of the members coming up with their own event and hosting it!

This brings the sense of belonging into the community and builds strong and positive relationship among members. Community managers usually aim for this goal and are constantly on the move to build a greater community for their coworking spaces.