As cities across the world are brimming with people, resources begin to get scarce which again calls for ethical and responsible usage. That is exactly what the sharing economy is all about. Take the likes of Uber, Airbnb, Wework and others for example. All these businesses have built successful models on the concepts of community, sharing and trust.

Coworking spaces have evolved into something more than just workspace, since their humble beginnings in 2005. A typical member at some of the coworking spaces can work, participate in events, host his own workshop, clink beer mugs with other members, showcase his product, grab a quick bite at the in-house cafeteria and a lot more! Does that sound like the work culture at Google? Well, startups have access to the same through affordable and social coworking spaces across the world.

These spaces have become hubs for idea generation, innovation, networking and attract some of the best minds from varied industries. No wonder that Coworking is considered one of the top drivers of socio-economic change in urban areas. Such centres usually have a positive impact on the social behaviour of local communities and ultimately lead to better economic conditions. Entrepreneurship, and freelancing are heavily driven by such community-oriented spaces.

Have you ever worked out of a coworking space before?