While the term, ‘Coworking’ is being synonymously with other run-of-the-mill plug and play offices, it is definitely much more than that. These places harbour some of the best startup ideas that could become the next unicorn. Of course, this pool is dependent on how well the membership is curated. Founders of a coworking space need to be clear about their vision of what they want to build. A space for women entrepreneurs or a space for fitness enthusiasts or a startup oriented environment and so on.

If the founders are clear about building a startup oriented workspace, they need to be really passionate about the whole thing and take personal interest in their startups. They can help these fledglings by providing resources like business services, hiring, technology support and building a culture for teams. When these overheads are moved away from an entrepreneur mind, he gets to focus more building his product and marketing it in the shortest time.

Many coworking owners who operate in this space, still look at it as a real estate model and fail to grasp the bigger picture. We are in this business because we love people and want to help them in various ways. Finally, coworking is all about the people, not the infrastructure.